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What car crash victims can do about delayed injuries

What car crash victims can do about delayed injuries

| Jan 3, 2020 | Firm News

Car crash victims in Tennessee often face delayed injuries that do not appear for weeks or months. As for seeking compensation for such injuries, victims may do so as long as they refrain from signing any release of liability forms with an auto insurance company.

Brain injuries, especially concussions, may make a delayed appearance. A victim will generally be alerted to them when they start suffering headaches. Headaches may also be symptomatic of blood clots, neck injuries and whiplash. Pain in the neck and shoulders might point to whiplash as well, or it could point to a herniated disc.

If someone suffers from back pain, this could be the result of a herniated disc or a sprain. When victims feel numbness and tingling in addition to that back pain, though, it becomes even clearer they have a herniated disc because these sensations are probably being caused by a pinched nerve.

Abdominal pain, together with dizziness, headaches and deep bruising in the affected area, can denote internal bleeding. Any further delay in the treatment of this can prove fatal. Besides physical injuries, though, victims often suffer emotionally. Conditions like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder may appear in a delayed manner. Additionally, brain injuries might cause personality changes.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents want to make sure they are compensated for all their injuries, so it’s customary for them to wait until they have reached maximum medical improvement before filing a claim. Once it’s time, though, victims may not want to go it alone. A lawyer could be of great help, especially when it comes to proving the defendant’s negligence and determining the extent of the plaintiff’s monetary damages. A lawyer may also handle all negotiations with the insurance company.