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Apple CarPlay distracts drivers more than texting

Apple CarPlay distracts drivers more than texting

| Mar 26, 2020 | Firm News

Most Tennessee motorists know about the risks of texting while driving. However, a new study suggests that using a car’s infotainment system could be even more dangerous than texting behind the wheel. The study, conducted by the U.K.-based safety group IAM RoadSmart, looked at the impact of various infotainment systems on driver distraction levels.

According to the study, using Apple’s CarPlay infotainment platform with touch command slows driver reaction times more than texting, using a hand-held phone or being under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. Android Auto with touch command was a little bit safer than CarPlay, but it still came in second for most distracting driving activity studied. The study found that using voice command instead of touch command for infotainment systems could reduce distraction levels by more than 20%.

A research director for IAM RoadSmart said that drivers could be less distracted by infotainment systems if they preprogram them with directions and playlists prior to driving. He said that the main problem with infotainment systems is that they take drivers’ eyes off the road. Because these systems have larger screens than smartphones, they can cause more distraction.

A driver who caused an accident while programming an infotainment system or responding to a text message could be held liable for any resulting damages and injuries. The victim of such a motor vehicle accident may want to seek help from an attorney. Even if an accident victim is unsure what caused their car accident, legal counsel might be able to help them to investigate whether driver distraction played a role in the crash.