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Factors that could influence a criminal sentence

Factors that could influence a criminal sentence

| May 27, 2020 | Firm News

Those who are convicted of robbery in Tennessee and other states may be sentenced to jail time and other penalties. In some cases, they may be required to pay fines or pay restitution to their victims. Defendants could also be required to perform community service as part of their sentences. A judge will review a variety of factors when determining the appropriate sentence in a robbery case.

For instance, a judge may base a sentence on the value of the goods that a defendant stole. If an individual threatened or harmed his or her victim, that may be grounds for a harsher sentence. A younger defendant or a defendant who has no prior criminal record might receive a lighter sentence compared to an older defendant or a person who has a significant criminal history. The length of a jail or prison sentence may also be based on guidelines created by the state.

Mitigating factors in a case could result in spending less time in prison or being placed on probation in lieu of spending time in prison. For example, if a person who stole another person’s property returned the stolen items, a judge may look favorably on that decision. A judge may also be lenient toward those who take responsibility for their actions.

A person who is facing a criminal charge may want to consider hiring a criminal law professional to assist with their case. An attorney may be able to get a case dismissed before it goes to trial by casting doubt on physical evidence or by casting doubt on the credibility of witnesses. If a case does go to trial, an attorney may continue his or her efforts to create doubts in the minds of jurors as to whether a defendant committed a crime.