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Older cars are behind the most defect-related crashes

Older cars are behind the most defect-related crashes

| May 22, 2020 | Firm News

Drivers in Tennessee should be doing what they can to maintain their vehicle no matter its age. This means replacing the tires, for example, and making sure the brakes are solid. When drivers neglect this, their car begins to suffer from defective equipment, which is a safety hazard. Unfortunately, this habit of putting aside maintenance can be seen among many owners of older cars.

Vehicles older than 10 years are behind most defect-related crashes. After looking at the past three years’ worth of defect-related crashes in the state of Ohio, the Ohio Highway Patrol stated that 56% were caused by model year 1999-2008 vehicles. Vehicles made between 2009 and 2018 contributed to 24% of the crashes.

Tire blowouts were the leading cause of these accidents, and in fact, they were to blame for 42% of those defect-related crashes that led to a fatality. Brake failure was also widely cited as a factor.

The Ohio Insurance Institute noted that the average age of a vehicle in that state is 11.8 years. By contrast, it was 9.6 in 2002. The reasons may include that many people cannot afford a new car, and there’s always the possibility of getting some 15 years or 300,000 miles out of a vehicle. Maintaining new cars is also notoriously costly due to the electronics that they come with.

Drivers must, within a reasonable period of time, repair any defects they notice with their car. When the failure to do this indirectly leads to motor vehicle accidents, those who are injured could have grounds for a claim. With a lawyer evaluating their case, victims may find out how much they might be eligible for under Tennessee’s modified comparative negligence law. The lawyer may guide victims through the filing process and negotiate for a settlement on their behalf.