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How to deal with the insurance company

How to deal with the insurance company

| Jun 22, 2020 | Firm News

After a Tennessee car accident, drivers must deal with either their insurance company or that of the other driver when they want compensation for their damages. However, both insurance companies will likely try to lowball a claimant initially. The key is to never take the first offer from the insurance and to always attempt to negotiate with them about a claim.

The insurance company knows exactly what a claim is worth. They are in the business of assessing claims, and they have extensive data about both vehicles and injuries. They count on the fact that they are the only ones that know this, which gives them freedom to maneuver in the claims process. The only way to match the insurance companies at their own game is to learn the value of the claim when it is filed. This will allow someone to know when the insurance company is trying to get away with paying a lower amount.

After the initial offer is received, the claimant should formally respond to the insurance company with their demand for payment. One should be specific and should aim high knowing that the insurance company will continue to negotiate. Eventually, the two parties will meet at some point between their numbers as most cases eventually settle without going to a full trial. The key is to know that the insurance company is not in a position to dictate.

One should consult with a motor vehicle accidents attorney after they have been in a crash. The attorney could help by assessing how far below value the insurance company’s offer is and what their client needs to ask for as a counter. Then, the lawyer may handle the settlement negotiations as the parties seek to reach an agreement without having to go to court in a lawsuit.