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Counterfeit recording used against husband in child custody battle

Counterfeit recording used against husband in child custody battle

| Jul 17, 2020 | Firm News

Residents of Tennessee and the rest of the United States may be shocked to learn the details of a recent child custody case that unfolded in a British Courtroom. The case involved allegation made by a woman who said she possessed a recording of her husband that demonstrated he was both violent and dangerous.

When all was said and done, the criminal defense attorney representing the accused man was able to prove the recording possessed by his soon to be ex-wife was a fake. The scariest part is that the woman only needed the use of widely available software and the help of a few online tutorials to create the counterfeit recording.

The lawyer for the accused man says he was able to show the recording was fake by taking a look at the metadata. The advocate also expressed his concern regarding the damage that would have been done to his client’s reputation if the recording was not exposed as a fake. He said the entire situation raises questions regarding what types of evidence can be considered reliable once opposing parties enter a courtroom.

The audio in the case is considered a “cheap fake” by experts on the matter. However, more sophisticated text, audio, and video forgeries can be generated using artificial intelligence.

These recordings are commonly used to create fake pornographic images of celebrities and could possibly represent a real problem in courtrooms. It will become increasingly important for both judges and attorneys to develop the ability to spot these counterfeit recordings as the technology used to create these products continue to increase in sophistication.

The presumption of innocence is extended to all people in America who are accused of a criminal offense. A skilled criminal defense attorney might prove helpful in reaffirming the innocence and restoring the good name of individuals accused of criminal offenses.