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The lawyers at Keeton & Perry, PLLC, in Manchester, Tennessee, fight for your rights in family law cases. We will be there for you from start to finish. Having for several years handled family law cases in our local and appellate courts and through the mediation process, we understand the law. The amounts of time we try family law cases also helps us keep abreast of all changes to the law.

Working Closely With You

Our approach as attorneys is to keep you informed every step of the way and to make certain you understand your options before heading into court. Whatever the matter may be, we discuss your financial circumstances and speak to you about your various legal options.

The kinds of cases we try include:

When dealing with a family law matter, you need an attorney who provides strong advocacy and gets things done. We use our experience in the court system to protect your rights regarding your property and your children.

The Knowledge And Resources To Help You

We do a great deal of juvenile custody work and understand the problems that children face when family law disputes arise. With close local ties, we also know where they would send you and your children for help dealing with financial and emotional issues that often accompany family law difficulties.

Living in close-knit community, we often represent individuals multiple times regarding a large variety of legal issues. This helps us get to know our community even better. If we cannot assist you with your legal problem, we will strive to find you someone else who can. It is never our goal to take you on as a client to retain a legal fee. Instead, we wish to create a longtime relationship with you so that you will come back to us again when some future problem arises.

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To learn more about the family law services we provide or to set up an appointment, contact Keeton & Perry, PLLC, by calling 931-450-3551. We provide free initial consultations.

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