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Why drive to Nashville for a TV attorney to handle your automobile accidents, tractor trailer accidents, personal injury, or wrongful death cases?


The attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC will handle your case the same way as they have successfully handled many similar cases over the years. We know car wrecks. We know personal injury. We know wrongful death. We know insurance. We know tractor trailer accidents.

Attorney Brent Keeton has extensive experience in this field of law. Before forming Keeton & Perry, PLLC, he worked at a large and well respected insurance defense firm in Knoxville representing insurance companies and their insureds for several years and was trained by some of the best attorneys in Tennessee. These cases ranged from multi-million dollar cases to smaller cases and involved valuing cases for potential settlement for insurance companies. Before forming Keeton & Perry, PLLC, attorney Greg Perry worked in the claims department for a large insurance company for many years and obtained great insight and knowledge in dealing with insurance companies. In short, the attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC have worked “on the other side” representing insurance companies and dealing with insurance companies as well.

Do not attempt to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company before contacting the attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC first. This can be a complicated process. Do not attempt to go through this journey alone.

Also, do not let the one (1) year statute of limitations run without filing a lawsuit regarding your injuries. If a personal injury lawsuit is not filed in that amount of time, then your claim will be forever barred. Please call the attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC if the one (1) year statute of limitations for your case is about to expire.


The attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC have recovered MILLIONS of DOLLARS for injured people and their families. Please see our “recent cases” link to see the results of specific cases.

“Nuts and Bolts”

Money is the only way for you to be compensated for your injuries or death of your loved one. No amount of money can replace your loved one that has passed away or compensate for a permanent injury or the pain and stress this incident has caused. The attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC are sensitive to this fact.

In cases involving personal injury, the goal for the injured client is twofold. Both goals work in unison with each other.

The first goal is for the injured client to get medical treatment and to get better and reach maximum medical treatment. Maximum medical treatment is usually when the injured person is released from medical treatment and whose condition is as good as modern medicine can make the injured person.

The second goal is to obtain money to reasonably compensate the injured person or the family of deceased person killed by the negligence or recklessness of another individual and / or company. The injuries received and the amount of reasonable medical treatment received are items used to determine the monetary value of a case along with pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

In cases involving the wrongful death of a person, an expert economist is usually retained in order to determine the economic loss with deductions for personal maintenance.

In many cases, experts must be retained in order to develop the proof in a case. This could be an accident reconstructionist or a medical doctor or other various expert(s) used for this portion of the case. What experts are needed are determined on a case by case basis.

Tennessee follows “modified comparative fault.” This means that an injured person can only recover money if his or her fault in causing the accident is less than fifty (50)percent of the fault. So, if the actions of the injured person are less than perfect in the accident, a money recovery may still be possible.

“Call us before you talk to the insurance company”

Call the attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC immediately before you ever have the first conversation with an insurance adjuster about your personal injury claim.

Research conducted by the Insurance Research Council has shown that on average an injured person that has hired a lawyer will receive a monetary recovery from the insurance company that is approximately three and a half (3 1/2) times higher the amount than that person would have received than if the injured person did not have a lawyer handling his or her personal injury case. Further, research has also shown by a study conducted by the Insurance Research Council that eighty-five percent (85%) of money paid out to injured persons by insurance companies come to those persons represented by an attorney.

What does this all mean? More money on average to you if you have hired a lawyer on your personal injury case. The statistics do not lie. Hire the attorneys of Keeton & Perry, PLLC to handle your personal injury case.

Delay, deny, and defend. These are the “three D’s” that some insurance companies may employ when handling a claim with an injured person that does not have an attorney. The insurance company may delay calling you or returning your call or switching insurance adjusters several times on your claim. The insurance company may the deny your claim if you do not accept a nominal offer and then defend the case with experienced insurance defense attorneys.

An injured person would be wise in having a lawyer at every step of the case, which is at the very beginning of the case (a day or so after accident happens) to the conclusion of the case.

The insurance company may try to get you to settle your claim shortly after the accident for a nominal amount compared to the reasonable and actual value of your personal injury claim. But ask yourself – how can I settle my case before I have finished my medical treatment, which may take many months or even years, depending on the severity of the personal injuries? Common sense should tell you that the insurance company does not have your best interests in mind in making such an offer. DO NOT SIGN A RELEASE without first talking to a lawyer.


The attorneys of Keeton & Perry, PLLC are local and conveniently located in downtown Manchester directly across from Manchester City Hall.

However, the attorneys of Keeton & Perry, PLLC do cover these types of cases across the State of Tennessee, including West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and East Tennessee. We have also covered cases out of state including cases in Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, and Maryland. We can handle these cases and can involve associating other attorneys in that particular state if a lawsuit has to be filed.


Why drive to Nashville to have a TV personality to represent you and your family? Do not choose a lawyer based on their high advertising budgets and catchy commercials.

Some commercials by TV advertising lawyers give the impression that it is a financial blessing or fun to be in an accident. It appears that the actors are playing a part in a soap opera. An accident is not the lottery or a soap opera. Common sense should dictate that a tragic accident is anything but a fairy tale. It can be a nightmare based on the effect it can have on the personal life of the injured person and the immediate family of the injured person that have to pick up the slack. These commercials are demeaning to the injured person and his or her family going through this situation.

The attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC are here to treat you with respect and to help you get reasonable compensation based on your injuries, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life or the loss of the life of your family member. What is reasonable compensation depends on whether the person or companies involved are completely at fault or partially at fault for your injuries.

Attorney Fees

The client is not out any money. If you do not get paid, then the attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC do not get paid. So, we are in this case together.

We pay for the expenses of the case and are reimbursed through the settlement or judgment on the case if a monetary recovery is made in addition to the attorney’s fee. We do not make money on the fronted expenses. It is a straight reimbursement for the exact amount of money that we have put into the case.

Generally, our fees are one third of the gross recovery. Once again, if there is no monetary recovery for the client, then there is no monetary recovery for the attorneys.

It is the office policy of the attorneys of Keeton & Perry, PLLC that the fees of the attorney will never exceed the monetary recovery of the client. This is a matter of fairness, even if the contractual amount of attorney’s fees exceeds that amount. This occurs rarely but will be done on a case by case basis.

A settlement statement is prepared for every case showing the client where each penny is spent and how the net amount payable to the client is calculated.

References Of Prior Clients

We have references of former clients that we can give to you on request to give you an idea of how the attorneys of Keeton & Perry, PLLC handle these cases. Questions that we welcome that you ask our references regarding the quality of our representation in an automobile accident or other type of personal injury case:
1) Were they honest?
2) Did they represent you well and were your rights protected?
3) Did they give you good legal advice?
4) Did they return your phone call in a reasonable time?
5) Were you satisfied?

We are confident of the answers. Do not just take our word for it.

Free Consultation And Case Evaluation

If you or a family member or friend have been injured or have lost a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of person and / or company, call the attorneys at Keeton & Perry, PLLC at 931-450-3551 for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION AND CASE EVALUATION. You may also contact the attorneys of Keeton & Perry, PLLC from the contact us link on our website.

If your case is accepted by the attorneys of Keeton & Perry, PLLC and we represent you, you will also be given access to the cell phone number of the attorney handling your case for more immediate access to your attorney.

Please contact Keeton & Perry, PLLC., for a free consultation. If no money is recovered you will not owe Keeton & Perry, PLLC any reimbursement.

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